At Mundipharma we have three principles which underpin our daily work:
trust, excellence and integrity.

Strategic Alliances

At Mundipharma, alliances are the core of our business model. We work closely with our partners to build balanced collaborations in which the interests of both parties are aligned and are centred on creating value for patients and healthcare systems.

The entrepreneurial spirit, passion and flexibility which characterise us have enabled us to forge a tried and tested depth of experience in commercial partnerships with third parties.

We aspire to be recognised as the ideal travelling companion in the development and marketing of new treatments which help to improve patients' quality of life, while at the same time collaborating on the sustainability of the healthcare system.


Our areas of interest

We are an asset-led company and we are interested in incorporating innovative solutions which provide value to patients and/or healthcare systems into our range of products, especially in the analgesia and respiratory fields and hospital products such as onco-haematology and biosimilars.


We seek to widen and reinforce our leadership in this field by providing integral solutions for pain management. To this end we are interested in incorporating into our range of products:

  • Innovative analgesic treatments and/or devices which improve the quality of life of patients suffering from pain irrespective of its aetiology, severity and duration.
  • Technology and/or services which facilitate improved management of patients with pain, as well as healthcare resources dedicated to that effect.


    Our efforts in this area are focused on incorporating treatments for managing respiratory diseases to complement our current range. Thus we are interested in collaborating with third parties in the development and marketing of therapeutic solutions which improve the management of asthma, COPD, allergic rhinitis and other less common respiratory diseases.

    Hospital products

    We are a company with experience in hospital products and in the marketing of orphan drugs. Our marketing capacity and our KAM team together with our entrepreneurial spirit enable us to see things from a unique perspective and to understand the role of each of the actors in the management of hospital products.

    We are interested in marketing products for managing neuro-oncological and onco-haematological diseases, such as multiple myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma, as well as strengthening our range of biosimilars, an area we have recently entered.

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